It’s going to cost around £300,000 to build our new Youth Hub. We recognise this is a significant amount of money and it’s going to take hard work, some time and a unified effort from our community to reach the number.

The total will ensure we are able to build a Youth Hub that requires minimal spend on running costs by incorporating the latest energy-saving features. Keeping our maintenance spending down will help is limit the cost of services we provide to young people. It will also ensure the Youth Hub is accessible to other groups at reasonable prices.

DDYP is taking a two-pointed approach to fundraising. We’ll be applying to institutions for major grant funding to meet the larger share of the total required. We’re also keen to involve as many people from Doune, Deanston and the surrounding area in the fundraising effort.

We hope to organise a variety of events so that local people will have a chance to participate in the new Youth Hub project and feel a sense of ownership for the finished building.